Our Services

Jacob Falck ANS offers a wide variety of services tailored to meet your requirements and needs. We strive to provide our clients with a cost effective and time efficient solution among all our service areas.

Ships Agency

Direct and remote ship clearances for loading, discharging, bunkering, repairs, towage and lay-up within the following segments:

– Shuttle tankers   
– Tankers
– Dry Bulk
– Survey vessels
– Offshore vessels
– Rigs
– Heavy lift
– Cruise ships & Yachts


NOx Tax Agency

Approved NOx Tax agent since 2007. Advising, calculating and reporting NOx Tax statements through our separate entity Ths S. Falck AS. Currently handling:

– Approximately 450 vessels
– Around 50 international clients


Crew Change

Assisting in the coordination and planning of small and large scale crew changes, including:

– Immigration/Stamping
– Issuing OKTB & LOI
– Helicopter Services (Competitive rates)
– Launch Services (Competitive rates)
– Taxi/Coach Services
– Hotel Bookings


Customs Clearance

Carrying out inwards and outwards custom clearances of goods and cargo, and reporting to the Norwegian Customs Authorities:

– Import
– Export
– Direct transit




Stores / Warehousing

Providing spare parts and goods handling, including indoors and outdoors warehousing. Activity mainly includes:

– Handling rigs and offshore installations 
– Bonded warehouse
– Offshore container handling





VAT handling/agency
Reporting VAT on inland freight on behalf of foreign Ship Owners.

Norwegian Nautical Charts Sales

Delivering BA charts and print on demand on short notice.


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