About us


Jacob Falck Shipping ANS offers extensive ship agency services, NOx tax handling and customs clearance throughout the majority of Norwegian ports.

Our company was established in 1862 and has ever since been working in shipping. Based in Stavanger, Jacob Falck ANS is the main office in the Falck Agencies group. Throughout the company’s long history, Jacob Falck ANS has established strong ties to both Owners and Charterers in the Tank, Gas and Bulk markets, and today serves as an experienced partner in handling different ship calls. For loading, discharging, repairs or bunkering, Jacob Falck ANS offers direct ship clearances throughout the whole Stavanger area. A complete overview of terminals and locations where we are present can be found in the Map Harbour tab above, including detailed specifications and information.

Outside our direct service area Jacob Falck ANS also offers remote clearances and agency services in all major ports along the Norwegian coast, from Kristiansand in the south to Kirkenes in the north.

In addition to ships agency, Jacob Falck ANS can offer our clients services as NOX Tax Agents, VAT Handling Agents, Import/Export Customs Clearance, Crew Changes and shipments and intermediate storage of Offshore goods. You can read more about our services in the Services tab above.

Jacob Falck ANS is a member of the Norwegian Shipbroker Association.