Reimbursed Harbor Dues

Falck Shipping has as the only agent in Kaarsto been working in order to have port dues reimbursed, which we believe have been charged illegally in Port of Karmsund

This has been a process going on since early January where we contacted the Norwegian Coastal Directorate and their legal department, who informed us that as per Law of Fairways and Ports such an anchorage due is illegal. Karmsund Port immediately stopped charging anchorage dues and reimbursed such dues charged since 1st Jan 2016

The port agreed 19th April 2016 to reimburse all such dues since 1st Jan 2013. We are now in the process of setting up an overview of these illegal charges for each ship call at Kaarsto since 1st Jan 2013. Needless to say this is an extensive piece of work. We will as soon as we have the full overview charge the port accordingly.

When these dues are actually repaid to us we will send all our principals an overview of the amounts in their respective favour and reimburse the actual owner

We recommend that our principals also contact any other agents used during this period in order to have them arrange reimbursement of same